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A precision-made, magnetic fidget slider...

Is This The Ultimate
Chunky "Fidget" Slider?

Let's get straight into the details of this Titanium Slider...

I call this slider the "Crab" ...because this is what comes to mind when I look at it.

Titanium Body

The body of the Crab™ slider is 100% precision CNC machined in-house here in my workshop in New Zealand.

Zirconium 'Sliding' Plate *UPGRADE*

After extensive testing... this slider is the first of my sliders to boast the Zirconium sliding plate UPGRADE.

Zirconium, once it has been heat-treated, turns black and results in the surface layer having a VERY hard coating.

I will be the first to admit that it's not the cheapest solution to a super-smooth sliding experience ...but it is hands-down the BEST solution!

'Hidden' Magnets (No Visible Magnets Or Screws)

If you know me already, then you know I'm all about clean and minimalist designs ...and the Crab™ slider is no different!

I've taken the time to design the Crab™ slider so there are no ugly magnets visible. Not only that but I made the sliding plates a press-fit design so there are no screws. The result is a super-clean -- but incredibly functional -- design.

There are SIX magnets behind each of the two sliding plates (so a total of 12 x magnets). The hidden Neodymium magnets are 6mm x 3mm.

Multiple Ways To Slide And Fidget

The Crab™ slider can be fidgeted with in a whole load of different ways.

You can slide it up-and-down, side-to-side and around in a circle. You can also have the plates slide silently ...or make then "click" or "pop". It's totally up to YOU how you fidget with the Crab™!


Length: 42mm (1.65")
Width: 30mm (1.18")
Thickness (BOTH sides together): 14mm (0.55")

Weight: 66g (2.3 oz)
(Includes ZIRCONIUM Sliding Plates UPGRADE)
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