Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)
Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)
Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)
Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)
Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)
Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)
Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)
Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)


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Tyke - The Ultimate Compact EDC Knife (Pre-Order Sep 2018)

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Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for the ultimate pocket-friendly knife, then you’ve just found it!

Over the years I’ve had people ask (and sometimes even beg) me to make a knife.

Well, I finally “gave up” and decided to design and make a knife.

BUT …not just any knife. No. The knife I’m about to reveal to you is a little different.

I wanted to create a knife that was made from extremely high-quality steel …AND also be pocket-friendly, rock-solid and build to last an entire lifetime.

After a ton of research, designing, testing and tweaking… I finally managed to get this “holy grail” made.


But wait, before I continue (and this is IMPORTANT!):

The photos below are of the near-final prototype (I don’t have a perfect-looking version because I need to make sure I have a minimum number of pre-orders before I continue to begin production).

So, just to confirm, the knife below is 95% complete (just a few aesthetic “tweaks” to make before production begins).

Oh, and one final thing…

This is a pre-order page and shipping will be September 2018 (as long as I reach the minimum of 10 pre-orders).


Okay, now let's talk about the knife...

I call this knife: the Tyke™.



Let’s just get straight into the details of this one-of-a-kind knife...


Titanium + Stainless Steel

If you’re familiar with my previous work, then you’ll know I typically only work with titanium.

However, if you want the best edge, then titanium is not a good metal to use (yes, I’m serious here, titanium is great for a lot of things …but it’s not great at keeping an edge).

After a lot of research I've narrowed the steel to be used down to two:

One steel is CPM-S35VN ...and the other is RWL34.

Both of these are stainless steels …and have an excellent combination of hardness and resistance to corrosion. Or, to put it another way, either of them will hold a sharp edge for a long time and won’t rust!

I'll let you know as soon as I finalise which steel I will be using.


Titanium Holder

While the main blade of the Tyke™ is made from a high-end stainless steel …the holder is made entirely from titanium.

I don’t believe this has ever been done before (but I could be wrong on this). I could easily have gone for a leather or Kydex sheath for the Tyke™ - but I really wanted something that was ultra-slim and that would literally last a lifetime.

It took a ton of testing and tweaking - but the ultimate solution was well worth the effort.

Not only does the holder provide a slick and minimalist design …but it protects the blade 100%.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering...

On the knife it is the handle that clips into the holder …whereupon the blade is “suspended” inside the holder. This results in the blade edge not touching the inside of the holder.


Pocket Friendly

Not only do the dimensions of the Tyke™ result in a compact design …but it’s slim too!

The dimensions of the Tyke™ are below:

Length 93mm (3.60")

Width 7mm (0.27")

Thickness 21mm (0.80")

Blade Length 32mm (1.25")

The weight of the knife + Holder is just 36 grams.

I've put a hole on the holder so you can attach to your keyring or hang from your neck as a 'neck-knife'.


"Sheeps Foot" Blade Design

If you're familiar with knives, then you'll instantly recognise the shape of this blade.

The blade design I went for with the Tyke™ is known as "sheeps foot".

The reason for this is it provides a robust tip (which means, if you're hard on knives like I am, you can pry stuff open with it) ...while still maintaining a sharp point.


Light-Weight Titanium Scales

If you’re not typically a “knife person” - then you may be wondering what ‘scales’ are.

The scales are essentially the left and right “handles” that attach to the main body of the knife.

Not only are the scales of the Tyke™ made from Grade 5 Titanium …but I’ve designed them to be ultra light-weight too.

Although not shown in the photos - the insides of the scales have be machined away (so they are essentially hollow) to reduce the overall weight of the knife.


100% Waterproof

Because the Tyke™ is made from a combination of titanium and stainless steel ...then it is 100% waterproof. It's never going to rust - guaranteed.


Precision CNC-Machined

As with all my other titanium products… the Tyke™ is made entirely here where I live in New Zealand.

We import the raw titanium and steel ourselves. The material is then prepared (which included various sanding of surfaces) before being cnc-machined.

The end result of this is a knife that is absolutely precision made.


Stealth Design

Here’s something useful:

One of the great things about the Tyke™ is that it doesn’t look like a knife.

In fact, when it’s in the holder, it’s closer-looking to a usb-stick. Truthfully, this wasn’t intentional in the design (I was actually aiming for simple and function for this) …it’s a happy coincidence.


Let’s get down to business…

The Tyke™ is at the final prototype stage (after a boat-load of designing, testing and tweaking!) …and I’m now at the point where I need to know if there is enough demand to make it.

And this is why the page you’re on right now is a pre-order page (with shipping in October 2018).

The only way for me to get Tyke™ into your hands is by ensuring I have a minimum quantity produced. The setup cost to produce the Tyke™ is significant …and so I need to make sure it’s worthwhile for both of us.

And so here’s where it gets good for you:

I’m knocking $100+ OFF the price right now!

If I produce any more of these Tyke™ knives, they will be no less than $300. That’s what everyone else will be paying.

But, only right now, you pay just $199!

Here’s what to do…

I’m running this pre-order page just like a crowdfunding project. However, when you pre-order, your payment will be processed immediately (which means I can get started buying materials right away!).

Scroll to the top of this page right now and click the “Pre-Order” Button.

To impossibly high standards,


P.S. Remember... When you click the "Pre-Order" button at the top of this page you're going to be getting the Tyke™ knife for just $199 plus shipping (while everyone else will pay at least $300)