*** EXCLUSIVE Titanium Grenade™ Slider ***

(Ships Monday 9th August)

A precision-made, magnetic slider...

Is This The Ultimate
"Aggressive" Titanium Slider?

**Strong** Magnets
Ultra-High Grip Surfaces

In the video below the audio does not do it justice - this slider produces a clean, crisp "pop" sound when clicking it:

Let's get straight into the details of this Titanium Slider...

I call this slider the "Grenade" :

Titanium Body

The body of the Grenade™ slider is 100% precision CNC machined in-house here in my workshop in New Zealand.

Brass 'Sliding' Plates

I use brass for the plates that slide against each other. This is because brass is an excellent low-friction material. Titanium typically "galls" and so this is why brass is the best option here.

"Dimpled" Surface Design

While using brass alone results in a smooth sliding action ...I've also machined "dimples" on the surface of the sliding plates.

These dimples make a BIG difference on the sliding action. Not only is there way LESS friction ...but the dimples guarantee a super-smooth sliding action ...forever!

In fact, it gets even better...

The more you play with the Grenade slider and slide the plates the smoother and more silent they get (honestly, I don't know enough to understand why this happens ...but it's a pretty cool result!).

'Hidden' Magnets (No Visible Magnets Or Screws)

If you know me already, then you know I'm all about clean and minimalist designs ...and the Grenade slider is no different!

I've taken the time to design the Grenade slider so there are no ugly magnets visible. Not only that but I made the sliding plates a press-fit design so there are no screws. The result is a super-clean -- but incredibly functional -- design.

There are SIX magnets behind each of the two brass plates (so a total of 12 x magnets). The hidden Neodymium magnets are 6mm x 3mm (N48 Rating).

NOTE: These are high-strength magnets

High-Grip Surface Texture

While I was aiming for this slider to look "aggressive" in the overall appearance ...the surface also serves as an ultra-high grip area for your fingers to slide  the plates (especially with the high-strength magnets installed).


Length: 42mm (1.65")
Width: 30mm (1.18")
Total Thickness: 13mm (0.51")

Weight: 62g (2.2 oz)
*** EXCLUSIVE TITANIUM Grenade™ Slider ***
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