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Finally, a REAL Titanium Brick...

"Who Else Wants This Precision
CNC-Machined Titanium Brick?"

Made From A Solid Billet Of Grade 5 Titanium

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

I'm going to keep this page super-short for you...

After a TON of comments and emails I have finally finished a handful of Titanium Building Bricks.

They are being made now and shipping next week.

I call this Titanium Brick the the TiBrick™:
A few details on these precision-made bricks...
If you buy more than one TiBrick™, then you'll find they stack together (just like regular bricks!).

Note: Due to the nature/tolerances of common plastic building blocks ...you will find the TiBrick™ only partially works with them (i.e. a plastic brick will stack on top of a TiBrick™ - but not the other way round).
Matte Surface Finish
I've taken the time to give the TiBrick™ my famous Matte surface finish. Not only does this make it look good - but it ensures all edges and corners are slightly rounded so it feels good in your hand.
Weirdly Fidgetable
Although I didn't expect it...

The TiBrick™ turns out to be the most addictive "fidgety thing" I've come across in a while (I find myself forever reaching for it and playing with it).

2 x TiBricks™

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1 x TiBrick™

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My TiBrick

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To impossibly high standards,



When Will My TiBrick™ Ship?

If you are able to place an order, then your TiBricks™ will ship in March 2020.

Do You Make These Yourself?

Yes, of course! From raw Titanium billets ...all the way through to CNC machining ...and on to the final surface finishing process ...it's all done 100% in my workshop.

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