*** "EARLY BIRD" Pre-Order Page (Limited) ***

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

You've landed on the "EARLY BIRD" pre-order page for the McDangle™ "Double Dangle".

This is a BRAND NEW product and, if you're lucky enough to grab one before they are sold out, you will be one of around 10 people.
I don't have a big "sales pitch" for this, because I know they're going to go fairly quickly.

If you do miss out, then you'll get a chance again during the Kickstarter project launch.

Also, once you receive your McDangle™ "Double Dangle", you're under no obligation to provide me with feedback ....but, it would definitely help me :-).

McDangle™ "Double Dangle" EARLY BIRD Pre-Order

YES! I'm Ready To Pre-Order
My McDangle™ "Double Dangle"
(Shipping around 2 to 3 days)

By clicking the ORDER NOW button below I'm going to be
getting the McDangle™ "Double Dangle" almost right away!

I also understand that the image below is 98% accurate and my McDangle™ "Double Dangle" will likely have some minor improvements made over the next couple of days.

McDangle™ "Double Dangle" Just:


To impossibly high standards,


P.S. Remember, if you see "SOLD OUT", then you will have a chance to get on board later (via Kickstarter).

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