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TiN-Coated Hangkey (3 x available)

HangKey - TiN Coated (Gold Color)

MokuTi 'Tank' Bottle Opener (1 x available)

Tank - MokuTi Titanium Bottle Opener

Titanium EGO Spinner (3 x available)

Ego™ - Titanium Fidget Spinner

TiN-Coated Click Pen (1 x available)

TiN Click Pen

MokuTi Scalper (1 x available)

MokuTi Scalper - Bottle Opener

MokuTi HangKey (6 x available)

Trinity "Mini" CandyCan (2 x available)

Flixx™ Knife - Orange and White (1 x available)

Flixx™ Knife - Black (1 x available)

Tank - Titanium Bottle Opener (10 x available)


These are do not have any chamfering done to the edged (so they feel and look a little "unfinished").

Also, these have a stone-washed finish instead of our typical Matte finish (which is another reason they are so cheap :-D).

Titanium Tweezers 'V3' (6 x available)

TiTweezers™ 'V3'

TiBeads™ - Titanium Lanyard Beads

You're going to get a random selection of 4 x TiBeads™ when you order these (out of eight different types).

We don't make these anymore ...and so we've just packed them up randomly to get them out the door.

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